Motherhood Limited Sessions

This year I held my Motherhood Sessions on one day only with limited time slots- no props, no set ups, just a gorgeous location and gorgeous light. I really wanted the focus to be on the bond between moms and their little ones, and I couldn't be happier with the mommies that booked me! The three ladies look gorgeous and happy and the 3 little babies were so adorable! We got some seriously memorable images this year!!

And I'm going to share two right away that are pretty awesome- because in each of these that follow, there is a heart that appeared in the background - can you spot them??

I really had a hard time choosing favorites from my collection of images from all 3 moms!

I loved EVERY. SINGLE. IMAGE. Usually, I can easily throw away bad ones from the get-go.

(You know, wonky faces, blinking, etc)

But my moms were on it and nailed shot after shot! I'll just throw them up here to share with you- enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful mommies!!


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