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Baby Hudson

I was so excited when I was contacted to do a newborn session this past week! I haven't had a newborn session since my own twins last April! Between the move and well, the twins... I just haven't had time to really advertise for or execute a session. So, once mom booked... I re-filled my big ole' newborn poser (which is so fun... if you've ever had to fill a bean bag - mine takes 3 large bags), bought a few new props and anxiously awaited baby's debut!

I didn't have to wait long, he was two weeks early! But he was healthy and doing great so I was able to do his session when he was 6 days new! Oh, what a handsome little baby!! Blonde hair and the greatest skin!

I should have wrapped Hudson from the get-go... he did NOT want to do any poses where he was bare! We managed to get ONE shot in... which I actually love because he has his beautiful eyes open in it! We gave up that whole thing and moved on to some simple basket poses. Babies usually LOVE those because they get to snuggle up in soft fur! Since it is Eater this upcoming Sunday, we did a little themed shot which I am just dying over!!

After our basket shots, I attempted the beanbag again... this time I wrapped him up a bit and that seemed to do the trick!

Big sister just loves her new baby brother!! She was so sweet! She helped me out during the session, bringing me props and asking me questions and was so excited to take pictures with baby Hudson! She did so good! Is this NOT the most adorable picture you've ever seen??

And don't forget about Hudson's other sister!! Emma did SOO great with the newest addition to the family! She took a very similar picture with Hudson's sister 2 years prior! I won't lie... I was pretty excited to get these shots! (And obviously... I HAD to get Emma's portrait on her own when I was done!)

Spokane Pet Photographer

And last but not least... one family portrait with the sweet new addition to the family!!

Spokane Family Photographer

You don't think I forgot the details did you? The best part of having a baby is enjoying these little things...the peach fuzz, the tiny toes, tiny eye lashes, sweet sweet baby lips, and tiny ears!

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