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A Boo-tiful Halloween Wedding

I wasn't blogging when I shot this wedding last fall, so I'm playing catch up!! It was cold and it was rainy. It wasn't the prettiest of days... but it was a beautiful event!! The wedding was held at The Fox & Goat Ranch in Reardon, WA which is a privately owned bed and breakfast. Their property is sooo gorgeous!!! They do rent out their property for events as well as running a quaint little bed and breakfast, check them out!!

Some of my all time favorite images are from this day. A good dramatic sky is no foe of mine! A little cold, windy rain doesn't scare me away. Bad weather has a habit of making some BEAUTIFUL images!

The details of the day were so awesome! Cute little halloween touches everywhere, beautiful boutonnieres and bouquets made the the mother of the bride, and the most delicious looking wedding cake I have ever seen!!

Fox and Goat Ranch is on a secluded piece of land, surrounded by wheat fields. They have a gigantic metal barn (which is where we had to quickly move the ceremony into when it started raining!) and a beautiful yard complete with gorgeous apple trees- which I totally took advantage of! The old red house on the property has been converted into a giant hen house and makes a great photo opp!! One of my all time favorite images features this house. I just don't think it could look any more spectacular.

The bride and groom really could have been super models, they were gorgeous! The bride chose to wear a super pretty black lace two piece dress and she adorned her head with a homemade floral crown, while the groom looked quite dapper in his traditional tux.

Apple trees are my favorite. In the Spring we are treated with beautiful blossoms while in the Fall we are treated with delicious fruit! Also, they make the BEST backdrops for portraits!!

The evening was filled with love, laughter and dancing, surrounded by twinkling lights, candles and cute little Halloween touches. Family portraits were fun! The groom had about 11 siblings- usually my family portraits aren't this huge!! It was hectic getting everyone in and out and lined up in each of the images, while trying to beat the rain and wind- but we did it!! Everyone was awesome!!

I always try to grab some magical night portraits before I retire for the night, and this night did not fail me in the magical department. The fog had just set in and it was still drizzling a little. It was PERFECT!! So obviously I drag the bride and groom outside and light them up in the most dazzling way I can! This day was cold, wet, and windy... but it was perfect and couldn't have gone any better!!

(See? Rain and fog don't scare me, in fact- I welcome the challenge!!)

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