Manito Park Family Session

I moved to Spokane in July of 2016 from Southern California. It was a BIG change for our family. But it was a GOOD change!! I won't go into many details about how we were so over living in California... but we were SO over living in California! It was SO brown! So dead everywhere! My photographer heart couldn't handle it. When my husband came home one day and said he had an opportunity to take a job up in Washington, I immediately said "YES!"

I've always loved the mountains. I was on Google within 5 seconds looking up "Spokane, WA" and instantly I fell in love. One of the places that kept popping up over and over again on my obsessive google image searches was Manito Park. I was in awe. I couldn't believe such a place existed and it was going to be SO close!! My little photographer heart was aflutter with anticipation of the shoots I would have once I arrived in Washington!

Here are a few images I snapped when we moved up and visited Manito Park with the family. Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!!

I knew I wanted to shoot a family session here ASAP! The rose garden is to die for!! The light! The color!! I was able to book a sweet family with two awesome (and very active!) little boys! They definitely kept me on my feet, but those are the kind of shots I love! Super candid and full of life!

Mom and dad could have been super models! They were gracious enough to let me drag them around the park looking for delicious pockets of light surrounded by the beauty that is Manito Park. Here are some of the images from their shoot- images that go down in my book of all time favorites!!


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