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Storybook Creations

Once upon a time...

I used to LOVE to draw and create. I dabbled in painting (decided that wasn't for me... way too messy!) and in general just loved to be crafty. I've always loved photography and took pictures of anything and everything.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my first baby that I started to take photography seriously...and even then, it was just taking pictures of birds (I LOOOVVVEEE birds!) Then my son was born and I think he literally has a bajillion pictures of himself being blinded with flash. Somewhere after that, I was thrust into portrait photography. I love creating art for my clients while capturing memories for them, and I love adding a little flair into some of their images!

When I was pregnant with my twins I took a very long maternity break and used that time to really practice my photoshop skills. I love being able to create whimsicle, dream-like pieces from my photographs. It fulfills my artsy/crafty side, while entertaining my photographer soul.

I call these pieces "Story Book Images" and I hope to keep growing in my skills so that I may offer my clients something a little extra special! I've made a few of these for my kids and they are displayed in their rooms (they think it's just the coolest thing since sliced bread to see themselves in these magical settings!)

Here are a few images I have made, enjoy!

"Peace" - Which is exactly the feeling I have when I look at this.

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Poppy Dreams" - For my dear friend- inspired from her wedding day.

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Elephant Dreams" - Straight out of a child's dream I would imagine! It's magical and makes no sense!

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Peter Pan" - My nephew came wearing this costume one day....and I went with it!

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Hope Drifting" - A perfect representation of my son. A big timid dreamer who clings tightly to a safety line at all times.

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Dancing on Clouds" - A PERFECT representation of how I viewed these little girls every time I got to photograph them! Carefree little dreamers!

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Polar Bear Princess" - My daughter's birthday shoot... complete with a giant balloon and baby polar bear!

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

"Memories of Mardell Drive" - My friend came to me and asked me to recreate an old image of her mother's childhood home. She wanted it to be restored to its beauty and dreamlike.. something along the lines of how her mother remembered and felt about the home! (Picture below of the original scanned photo!)

Spokane Fine Art Photographer

It was challenging creating something from this image- but if you know me at all, you know I love a good challenge!!

If you wish to have a Storybook Image created for you, please message me! I would LOVE the challenge!


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