Dear Spring, please come.

Winter was fun. Winter was beautiful. Winter and I had a lot of fun up here in my first Spokane winter. I shoved my baby in snow suits, I shoved my daughter in pretty dresses...and I tortured my dog as well by dressing her up in a scarf and making HER pose.

My adorable baby, all bundled up as a white poofball.

I was even able to convince a gorgeous mom-to-be to pose in a thin revealing dress in 20 degree weather! (She was such a sport!)

Amelia's Birthday shoot was fun... she did well in the 18 degree coldness. We shot this super quick though and rushed her back into the warm car!

Winter and I had a LOT of fun. But, winter needs to go home now. I miss flowers. I miss grass. I miss shooting in warm weather! I reaaalllllyyyyy want to frolic through pretty fields with my clients and create beautiful warm memories for them!! Until then, I'll be here - dreaming of those warmer days.

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